Chandira Nandhini 01-08-17 Vijay Tv Serial Online


Chandhira Nandhini is a Tamil chronicled dramatization publicized on Star Vijay. Chandragupt, the author of the Maurya realm, an awesome warrior and ruler, is known for joining the Indian sub-landmass. Notwithstanding, there remains an unexplored side to him. Enjoy his romantic tale with the little girl of his greatest adversary, Nandhini, whose sole expectation is to look for retaliation!

An Attempt To Kill Chandhira A conceal man tries to kill Chandhira yet fails.Chanakya’s Brilliant Advice As Helena tries to mentally condition Chandhira, Chanakya intercedes and offers his clever exhortation. Bindusara Is Kidnapped A more interesting assaults Nandhini and flees with Bindusara. Will Chandhira and Nandhini have the capacity to safeguard Bindusara?

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